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What In The Fuck Is A Bomb Cyclone?

I’m somewhat new around here. Not really actually. I’ve lived in NYC for about a year and been through a couple blizzards during my time. I also came from a place that gets EXTREMELY cold and snowy. During my 27 years of living in Iowa we went through harsh winters. I’m on record saying I only trust a person if they’ve been through at least 10 winters. The temperature in Cedar Rapids while I was back for holiday break hovered around negative 2. So I’ve seen some shit. With all of that said, I have NEVER EVER EVER heard of a fucking bomb cyclone. What does that even mean? Do these things happen regularly? Is that similar to a sharknado? How do I prepare for one? First we had the polar vortex, which sounded harmless enough, but then the weather community really ratcheted it up with BOMB CYCLONE. Polar vortex didn’t strike the fear of God into people. Bomb cyclone does.

It’s almost like this was the scene at Weather Channel HQ

“Alright let’s brainstorm the two most terrifying words we can think of and put’ed together. Anybody got ideas?”


*place erupts with a 45-minute standing ovation*

That person deserves a raise. People forget that these names are man made. Somebody thought of BOMB CYCLONE and they ran with it. I do know that I’m not ready for a bomb cyclone. Not in the slightest. Nobody is. Sounds like it’s a snow hurricane that explodes? What the fuck? My only move is to roll myself into a blanket burrito and hope for the best. Thoughts and prayers to everyone out there.