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Trump Tweets That His Nuclear Dick Is Bigger Than Kim Jong Un's Nuclear Dick

I miss 2017. I miss the good old days when these goof balls just called each other short and fat. And deranged. And little. All fun and games, the boys sitting around the fire needling each other. KJU shooting the shit about how his dad was forged out of volcanic molten rock after he parted the clouds because he controls the weather. DJT claiming basically the same thing about himself and directing the Pacific Fleet towards North Korea to send a message, but sending it the wrong direction. God the old days were full of such laughs. Such innocent debauchery. Clowning around without a care in the world.

Sadly, according to my studies, “my nukes are bigger than your nukes and I’ll prove mine work” is quite literally the end-of-the-world scenario humanity has worked tirelessly to avoid since 1945.

Rut roh!