Colt McCoy, Starting QB Watch: Day 1


Well folks, it’s officially the Redskins offseason, which means one thing and one thing only- it’s time to get WACKY! The Redskins can’t have quiet offseasons, we know this. They have to be the center of attention. They have to have the football world revolving around them. Whether it’s signing big free agents like Josh Norman, having quarterback controversies, or fighting in court over the legality of using the name “Redskins”, it’s always a circus, with Dan Snyder being the headlining clown. And this year, we have a doozy on our hands. The biggest story, of course, will be “what will happen to Kirk Cousins?” After failing to sign him to a long-term deal the last 2 offseasons, the Skins can either 1) tag him for a 3rd time, giving him a $34 million pay day, 2) sign him to a long-term deal for possible record-setting money, or 3) let him walk. A lot of people, including myself, think option 3 is the most likely right now. $34 million is a lot to pay a QB for one season, especially one the front office has continually low-balled on long-term deals.

Which begs the question…if it’s not Kirk Cousins, just who will start at quarterback for the Redskins? Enter…Colt McCoy.

While I am spear-heading the #BakerMayfield2DC movement because why the fuck not, I also have long been Colt McCoy’s biggest fan and supporter. That MNF win on the road vs Dallas will always be one of my favorite games. If Kirk signs elsewhere, Colt would be the perfect QB to step in and lead the Redskins. Our guy knows the system, can sling the ball, and is Colt Mother Fucking McCoy. Plus his price tag would be $31 million less than that of Kirk’s, which would allow the team to spend elsewhere on playmakers and depth on both sides of the ball…pretty novel concept for the Skins, for sure.

So draft Baker Mayfield, develop him behind Colt, spend the $54 million in cap room on building the team around them, let me get all the Baker Mayfield pageviews, and since Colt is the GOAT the Skins will go 12-4 and win the Super Bowl. It’s too easy!