The Question Everybody Has Been Asking. Does YouTube Need Enforcers?


Back in the good ol’ days, shit like this wouldn’t even happen. We wouldn’t have guys like Logan Paul going around to suicide forests in Japan to film dead bodies for views. Why is that? Because back in those days, enforcers could keep everybody on YouTube in line. You want to be a fat guy singing “Numa Numa”? Good to go. You want to tell everybody to “Leave Britney Alone”? Go right ahead. The early days of YouTube were perfect because there were rules that everybody followed. Rules that, if you didn’t follow, a YouTube enforcer would come around and physically force you to follow them next time. But somewhere along the line, our society got soft. We tried to get fighting out of YouTube. We thought it was “barbaric” and “had no place in the game”. We thought that the enforcers were the bad guys, not understanding that it was the enforcers who were keeping the bad guys away.

Since taking enforcers out of YouTube, it led to the rise of prank video douchebags. That was the first step in the deterioration of YouTube. Once everybody with a camera and a punchable face were able to run around being douchebags to everybody and at the end of the video say “relax, it’s just a prank”, we should have known we were doomed. Then Vine shutdown and all hell broke loose. Without enforcers here to protect YouTube, these “Vine Stars” were able to takeover YouTube with ease. Without enforcers there to keep everybody in line, these clowns are able to do whatever the hell they want, whenever the hell they want. Which brings us to Logan Paul.

Like I said. Everybody thought that enforcers were just a bunch of goons who went out there to break the rules like a bunch of thugs. Little did they know that enforcers don’t hate the rules. They actually love the rules so much that they’re willing to fight and to bleed just to make sure that everybody plays by them. Rats like Logan Paul are able to thrive when there’s nobody there to fight for the rules. And it’s that exact reason why YouTube needs enforcers.

Now excuse me while I go spend the rest of my day watching hockey fights on YouTube.