College Girl Gets Her Boyfriend "Call Of Duty" For Christmas But Makes Him Sign A Contract That He Won't Stop Paying Attention To Her

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MirrorA student gave her boyfriend a Christmas present – along with a ‘crazy’ contract to limit when he is allowed to play his new video game .

When Ashley Davison bought her boyfriend Blake Perry a new copy of Call of Duty she drew up a list of five rules that he had to sign before receiving his new game.

Although Blake made the decision to sign on the dotted line, he later tweeted out a picture of the contract with the caption “Little does she know these rules will be broken”.

The social media post drew a lot of attention, Ashley facing criticism from people who couldn’t tell that the list wasn’t exactly serious.

Blake’s post has been liked over 31,000 times since it was shared on Christmas Eve, and has drawn a mixed response with some users labelling University of Oklahoma student Ashley as “crazy” but others applauding her idea.

I guess this is what it’s like now in this post-apocalyptic landscape where women have “rights” and “equality” and a “say” in things – Men can’t even escape to their Man caves to do their Man things on their own Man time without their nagging girlfriends contractually obligating them to give them attention (I think I might just start writing like this, this is basically what the internet accuses us of thinking literally, so might as well embrace it?)

Seriously though, I’m not a gamer, but as someone who sits directly across from Smitty staring him in the face all day long, I know the toll that video games – especially Call of Duty – can have on your psyche. It eats at you.  It’s all you think about.  All you can focus on is when you can plug in again.  Like a drug fiend waiting for their next hit you’re fantasizing, salivating over picking up those sticks.   Devlin.  Clem.  Big Cat has gotten into it.  Chaps can’t stop playing.   Slowly everyone around me is getting consumed by Call of Duty.  So I’m saying I know what Ashley is going through here.  I understand the need for the contract.  They can play it off as a joke, but let me tell you, COD addiction is no joke, and if this dude ever wants to get laid again, he better listen to his girlfriend and pay strict attention to the terms of the contract.

PFT Commenter said he should leave her though because she clearly doesn’t care enough about the troops or serving your country so, go with whichever advice you feel fits you best.

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