It's Extremly Disheartening And Sad To See James Harrison A Legend of Football Be Forced To Explain How He Was Embarrassed And Run Out of Town In Pittsburgh

This is truly heartbreaking stuff. Like my soul weeps for James Harrison. You give your life to a city and it’s team and this is how they repay you? They run you out of town? They treat you like garbage. No they treat you worse than garbage. Their fans burning your jersey. Your teammates stabbing you in the back. The coaches not giving you reps. Pittsburgh made a mockery of James Harrison and then slandered him after they cut him. All he wanted to do was compete. To help his team win. Instead he is now forced to defend himself and his entire career on Instagram. It is tough to see. I think all football fans outside of Pittsburgh can collectively root for James to get one last ring in New England where champions stay champions and doing things with class and respect is not just mouth service. Welcome James Harrison. Unlike Pittsburgh we are happy to have you.