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Rovell Fat Shames One Of Our Fans Like A Mean Bully And Bulls Drop Game 1



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Lost that game in the 3rd quarter when the Bulls were up by double digits and got sloppy on Offense. Too much Nene, too much interior passing by the Wizards, late rotations all night on Defense, and not enough 4th quarter scoring (not a surprise). Long series, no panic yet, but a shitty game through and through. Without a real offensive weapon you need the D to play perfect, that didn’t happen tonight. End of story.



Now as for Rovell. Oh boy, what a bizarre place we find ourselves. Big Cat the smut blogger taking the high road and not making fun of the fat fan 1) because I’m fat as well and 2) Making fun of a fat person for being fat is stupid. And then in swoops Rovell, big bad internet bully giving him an all time facial. Got SLAMMED for it too. So much so he deleted it shortly thereafter. Hopefully someone told his boss and he gets suspended or whatever happens in the real world when you fuck up.


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Darren Rovell, part of America’s bullying epidemic.


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