#41) Roll Motherfucking Tide

I love everything about this video. EVERYTHING. There is no smoking at Bryant Denny Stadium. But this old lady doesn’t give a fuck about “rules”. She may still have slaves for christ sakes. You don’t tell this lady she can’t rip cigs wherever the fuck she wants in her Bear Bryant sweater. If you tell her not to smoke she’s gonna wave her Marlboro Red right in your face 100% of the time and call you “sweetie.” And I respect the way the cop handled it. I don’t care how old she was he had no choice. He had to arrest her once she emasculated him and the crowd ooh’d and aww’d. From there it was just a battle of wills. Who would outlast who. The cop dragging the old lady out of the game or the old lady screaming and playing the victim role. This time we both lose Johnny.

Ps – I hope Marlboro Red was a good pick for the cigarette choice. Truth be told I’ve never smoked a stick in my life. Seems like a Marlboro Red lady even though I don’t really even know what means.