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Forcing Employees To Yell "Welcome To Moe's" To Every Incoming Customer Should Be a Jail Worthy Offense

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So yesterday I decided to venture outside my house like an idiot to get some lunch. I needed some legit hangover fast-food and I’ve got Mexican right around the corner, done deal. My goal at any fast food place is simple. Drive thru. That way I don’t have to leave my car and therefore can get home and eat ASAP. Some fast food places don’t have drive thru so I’m forced to get out. I needed a little exercise so I got a little cray cray and put on my walking shoes.

It’s fucking cold outside folks. I race inside inside this establishment for which I will NOT give free advertising to. The moment I crack open the door I get a roaring, yelling welcome “WELCOME TO MOE’S!!!”


Why on Earth is this a thing? As I pretend this wasn’t real life, I start to order my burrito. Again, the door opens, “WELCOME TO MOE’S!!!” My burritoista continues to make my $8 burrito as if everything was fine.

“Want any drink or nachos with that si—-WELCOME TO MOE’S!!!!”

“SHOOOT ME IN THE FACE” I say in my head, as I tell the cashier “no thanks, all set”

I’d only been to this place once before, and I didn’t realize this was a thing. EVERY. SINGLE. CUSTOMER. Who works at this place in their right mind? How are you sane? You’re legit a crazy person if you spend regular eight hour shifts greeting every incoming burrito-consuming human being with a roaring welcome. Each one louder than the previous and it was well past lunch-rush hour. Does everyone just drink margs and tequila while the place is dead? They have to. I thought, maybe they make more here and that’s the catch? Nope, a quick Google search shows you make around $8 an hour which is actually less than both Qdoba and Chipotle by a decent amount. So what the fuck is going on? I tried to see if there’s any other fast food spot that does this.

Someone tweeted at me that CiCi’s Pizza Buffet has you say “CiCi ya later” to every departing customer and that just cannot be true. If that’s a thing and you do this every day for a side job you need to have a serious life evaluation. Apparently at Chick Fil-A when you say “thank you” following an order they MUST say “my pleasure” which is something I never noticed before, but that’s fine…a little odd…but fine. It’s subtle, it’s nice, it’s part of a conversation.

There’s actually an Undercover Boss episode of the Moe’s CEO. Listen to this clip and you can actually hear the insanity of “WELCOME TO MOE’S” in the background

I loved this review someone gave

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THANK YOU Madhatter503

How does this place have any employees? There are better gigs out there for better pay at other restaurants. If you work during school making some easy side money, choose a different spot. Life is already miserable, don’t force yourself to make it worse. This is a QUICK, easy, direct path to ending it all. Don’t do it. That is my year-end advice to any young blood out there trying to make some summer spending money during the cold days of winter.