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Diamondbacks Prospect Pavin Smith Paid Off His Parents Mortgage On Christmas And Captured Their Reaction On Video

I saw this video last night when I was loopy off of pigs in a blanket and Christmas cookies, but I had to blog it today because it truly is the dream. Yeah I guess Pavin Smith is living A dream by making millions to play a game he loves while also paying back his parents for all they’ve given him. But I’m talking about the dream that Mr. and Mrs. Smith just lived out on video. They say you only do two days in parenting: The day your first kid comes into the world and the day your last kid moves out of the house. Everything in between is just a race to getting back to that empty nest you had once upon a time when life was easy and paying off said nest so you can spend your time and money crossing shit off your bucket list. Yeah I guess raising your children and seeing all of life’s joys and milestones through their eyes is cool too. But that paid off empty nest is the goal. And now the Smiths have it thanks to their son and his $5 million signing bonus. Meanwhile Wifey and I spent God knows how much money on Christmas gifts and the only time Siena was truly hyped about a present is when she unwrapped a tube of toothpaste in her stocking. And when she did get it, she looked up in the sky and said “Thank you Santa” like he is her God or something. Did I get a gift or a thank you? Hell no. But I guess that is the cross you bear until the day you can teach them how to throw or hit a curveball in the hopes of them making it rich.

Anyway, back to this awesome moment for the entire Smith family. Well awesome for everyone except for maybe Pavin’s sister. Because she is now squarely on the hot seat. I will admit that since becoming a parent I can see how it is hard to have favorites because you love your kids so much. But if one of my kids paid off my mortgage and removed the chain of a 30 year boulder from around my neck, they are locked in as my favorite until the other one does something more impressive, which is basically impossible. And based on this “Are you fucking kidding me?” look, Pavin’s sister knows it too.