Its Christmas In New York Again

Its my God given responsibility and duty to make sure everyone on the planet knows about this song. So I post it every year on Christmas to get it into your holiday rotation today and tonight. If you dont know, now you know. GOAT Christmas song.

This is the first Christmas that Eileen Davidson and her 4 children will be celebrating without Michael Davidson, the fallen firefighter who died in the line of duty earlier this year. Stoolies came together and raised over $100,000 for those little ones. Michael was only 37 years old…he fought fires and tended bar. He was just like the kind of guys who read and write Barstool. Only difference is he risked his life to protect others and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for perfect strangers. So when the lyrics in Christmas In New York say:

“So bless New York’s finest, our angels in blue
Giving us hope and helping us through

And bless New York’s bravest,
the FDNY,
giving their sweat and their tears and their lives”

I think of Michael Davidson. One of the bravest who gave his sweat, tears, and unfortunately, his life. So, hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight when you see them on Christmas Eve. Smile a little bit more tomorrow morning at Christmas brunch. Because there’s people out there like Eileen and her kids who would give literally anything to have the chance to do that one more Christmas with their husband and their dad. Don’t take for granted that you still can.

Merry Christmas.