Personally, I Think It's Fine To Wear White After Labor Day


Lots of people are talking about this so I wanted to mention it before the Christmas parties. I think the “no white after labor day” rule is archaic at this point. If you wanna wear white after labor day, get nuts.

I think a green top with some white pants looks classy at Christmas parties. Not to mention, green or red sweaters look great with white pants. It pops!

Now, the shoes are where you have a little bit of trouble. Do you go with a dark brown? Camel? Goodness. Do you have the courage to pull of some dark red boots? Boots lookin like a kidney bean? Chili boots? I dunno. That’s the beauty of fashion. You can do whatever you want.

Press play, please.

Imagine walking through the door of your closest friends’ place. Terrance just moved into his new house a month ago. You haven’t even been to his new spot yet and what better way to christen his new home than with a Christmas party? You, him, his lovely wife Karen, and a few other mutual friends.

“Jimmy” shouts Karen as you walk in the door. “So good to see you!”

“You too, Karen! The place looks great!”

“Oh thanks so much. We are still getting settled but we are getting there. Take a look around. Everyone else is in the back room.”

“Where would you like me to set this?”

You hand her a bottle of wine. It’s a 2011 Dominio do Bibei Lalama Ribeira Sacra. Moderately priced. Highly rated. Your specialty.

“Oh. This looks delicious,” Karen says. She judges the wine by the label. Poor taste. You ignore it like you always do. No one likes a wine snob. You know that.

“Where’s the restroom?”

“Oh, you take your first left, and then your second right, and then your third left. Go straight down that hallway and it’s on the end.”

Jesus. How big is this place? It’s just the two of them. Why do they need such a big house?

You finish up in the bathroom. You have no idea where everyone is but you hear laughter erupting from the back room. As you walk towards the sound of the voices you hear Karen say, “I swear! White pants and a green sweater! HAHAHAHA It’s after Labor Day for Christ’s sake! He can pick a wine but it clueless when it comes to fashion!”

That bitcc!