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Guy Strings Together Thirty-Two Super Viral Tweets Explaining What He Learned About Living With Chicks

I’m not going lie, those tweets were pretty good. You don’t rack up a million-plus likes by posting trash. I’m kind of surprised no one has come after him yet. Rarely can you start a tweet with “Girls____” and not catch some sort of backlash. Especially in 2017. As for the guy, he’s either so far in the friend zone that he didn’t care about putting them on blast, or he’s gay. I’m going with the latter. I can’t think of any straight man who would willingly live with a group of chicks. I had girl roommate for like a month and it was a nightmare. The only thing I learned was that they shed and enjoy lotions. Which is too bad because if I had been taking notes I could’ve gone super-viral. He managed to get 1,064,238 likes off his educational thread. (I did the math, it was a slow day.) All he had to do was sacrifice his mental health. Seems totally worth it.