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Hey My Asscrack is Out....But Wait How Did I Get Such Great Tickets? Ohh Seatgeek. Use Code Dave for 20 Bucks Off....Boom Roasted

Oh Dang! Look at that butt! Seriously I love how people are acting like I didn’t do this on purpose. Like it wasn’t my plan to flash my butt crack all over MSG from the jump. Listen now that I have great hair nobody cares if I’m sitting courtside. Nobody is sending in pictures of me. Nobody is gossiping about me in the upperdeck. But now look at me! It’s all anybody is talking about. The internet is on fire gossiping like little school girls about my ass crack. Oh look at Pres’s ass, it’s magnificent…hey those are some pretty sweet seats he’s sitting in. I wonder how he got them? Oh he got them on Seatgeek and if you use code Dave you can get 20 bucks off and sit courtside and flash your ass crack too?

Hey haters….Boom Roasted. Did Pres do it again or did Pres do it again?