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Play-By-Play Icon Dick Enberg Dies At 82

There’s not often a lot of connective tissue between the post-Baby Boomer collectives known as “Generation X” and the (goddamn, motherfucking) “Millennials”. But Dick Enberg sure as hell was. The legendary announcer died from a presumed heart attack yesterday in La Jolla, CA at 82.

He was the uniting force for oldheads like me, Dave, and Jerry who grew up listening to Enberg narrate the latest Cleveland heartache (for my money, the worst of the Cleveland Gut Punches™)…

and guys like Clem, KFC, and Feitelberg who were also lucky enough to hear Enberg call some epic moments in the NFL, college hoops, the Olympics, golf, and tennis in the new century.

Though he was overshadowed by Vin Scully during their recent swan songs, Enberg had the much more prolific résumé and was equally at ease calling any number of sports with his calm, folksy delivery occasionally punctured by the spirited, patented “Oh my!”.

If you watched sports anytime in the last 40 years, you know Dick Enberg. After some insanely prolific years, he called San Diego Padres games until 2016 before retiring for good but left a hell of a legacy in more sports than the vast majority of his peers. And he also left a mark on the big screen, too.

“How about that?”

Sums up Enberg’s career perfectly.