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Vince McMahon Sold $100 Million In WWE Stock To Finance His New XFL!!

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The Score - Vince McMahon sold $100 million worth of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) shares to fund a sports and entertainment venture which could include a professional football league.

The CEO filed details with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday to fund Alpha Entertainment LLC. The filing noted the entity was “established to explore investment opportunities across the sports and entertainment landscapes, including professional football.”

Last week, Alpha filed trademarks for URFL and UrFL, while VKM Ventures, another company led by McMahon, filed for UFL, United Football League, and “For The Love of Football.”

Alpha also filed five trademarks for the XFL, a defunct football league which lasted one season and was headed by McMahon. The XFL trademarks were abandoned from 2002-05.


I talked about my favorite things about the XFL in this blog, but now here is my reaction when it’s no joke, Vincent Kennedy McMahon really just sold $100,000,000 in WWE stock so he can finance a new XFL



What a day. It’s just all so funny, all so perfectly Vince, all so perfectly the world we live in. Vince McMahon is a real life PFT Commenter. He legitimately thinks NFL ratings are down because a few guys kneel for the anthem, he thinks concussions are fake, and he think he can make a league better than the NFL. And I am so, so here for it.

We know it’s going to happen. And it’s going to be amazing when the President of the United States of America is tweeting non-stop about how great the new league is, how much better it is than the NFL, and how Johnny Football is the greatest quarterback to ever live. The entire thing is going to be such a spectacle, I absolutely can’t wait.

Will the new XFL fail? Well, when you look historically, you find every single league that has ever been created to compete with the NFL has failed. So what does that mean for XFL v 2? Probably a bit of the same. Will Vince lose his entire $100 million or die trying? That’s to be determined. But the original XFL lost $70 million in only a few months, so 100 mil is right within reach. So let me be the first to thank Vince for doing this, it will be a blogger’s dream.