Robert De Niro Wearing 6 Inch Platform Shoes For His New Movie "The Irishman" Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

That’s a TOUGH look for good ole Bobby De Niro. To be such a tough guy actor, one of the greatest of all time, and you’re wearing 6 inch platforms cause the guy you’re playing was 6’4″ in real life. Just a laugh out loud visual standing next to Pacino. At De Niro’s age and what he’s done in the movie business, I think I’d refuse to play the role if this was mandatory. You just can’t be caught wearing those ridiculous shoes in public. That’s social suicide, but I guess if there’s one guy that doesn’t give a fuck what other people think it’s Bobby De Niro.

I also can’t wait for this movie The Irishman. It’s directed by Scorsese, starring De Niro and Pacino with Joe Pesci and Anna Paquin, all about the murder of Jimmy Hoffa. Sign me the fuck up. It’s a Netflix movie which is odd, but it’ll be in theaters for at least two weeks so it can get Oscar nominations apparently. It’s definitely the biggest movie they’ve ever produced by FAR. What a weird world we’re in where Netflix is producing Oscar nominated movies. Imagine telling that to someone five years ago? No shot they believe you.