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I Appreciate Chaps Taking My Advice About Marcellus Wiley's Ketchup Tacos And Thus Not Blogging About Them

If you’ve been on at any point this morning you’ll know that my good friend Chaps has been wrestling with the question “Is Marcellus Wiley eating 10 tacos with Ketchup Blog Worthy?”. Well I’m here to say that after discussing it with Chaps in private, and his decision that he will not be blogging about Marcellus Wiley eating 10 tacos with Ketchup (written about here), I appreciate that he took my advice and decided not to blog it. Chaps is a company man through and through, that’s why I love him, that and also the fact that he’s hot wine guy to some. So his ability to be the bigger man and not blog about these ketchup tacos is another clear sign that he puts the team above himself at all time.

The one thing I know about my time at Barstool Sports is that the line between a blog worthy blog and a non blog worthy blog is razor thin. On one hand you could make the argument that every blog is blogworthy because we’re constantly blogging for our jobs. A funny picture, a video, a random story, you need to be blogging it if you are a blogger. On the other hand there’s a clear saturation point that you never want to reach. A point where you begin to lose the trust of your audience because they don’t know whether or not the blog they’re about to read is blogworthy or not. Once you get there you can find yourself in deep trouble. Because it’s at that point your readers slowly realize they’ve been reading 2 paragraphs of a blog that says absolutely nothing. And no one ever wants that, trust me.