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Apparently YouTube Sensation Latarian Milton Was Doing Hood Rat Stuff With His Friends Again Over The Summer And Got Arrested For Carjacking

NOOOOO LATARIAN NOOOOOOOOO!!! So this video has been making its rounds on Twitter today with a bunch of LOLs, LMFAOs, OMGs, etc. etc. The video is timestamped from the summer, so I guess this somehow flew under my radar. And I’m heartbroken. Heartbroken just like anyone is when they see one of their favorite celebrities relapse back to their old ways and get into trouble again. I mean carjacking AND robbery charges as an adult? That’s like a whole MONTH of no video games for a viral legend back when the internet was at its absolute zenith. And in Latarian’s defense, he clearly has known what he has wanted to be his whole life. While idiots in his elementary school were dreaming of being an astronaut or dinosaur, Latarian knew his future was being a getaway driver. Gotta respect someone who has that figured out at such a young age. If he can somehow post bail and get up to NYC by 4 pm today, he can join me, Smitty, Devlin, Coley, Donnie, and Tech Guy Andrew at the Rockstar Games headquarters to play their new Heist game on GTA V for Gametime. Any syndicate could always use a getaway driver with real world experience, even if it always ends with an arrest and appearance on channel 25.

Anyway, during tough moments like this I find it’s better to try to remember a time when we were all a little more innocent (admittedly using that word pretty loosely)