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Trump Jokes That Congressman Scalise Being Shot Was "A Hell Of A Way To Lose Weight," People Obviously Freak Out

Great joke, I laughed. Funny, edgy, got some irony to it, busts a buddy’s balls a bit. Funny’s funny.

Howeva, big time debate in the office and on twitter dot com about whether this is wildly inappropriate or not. This would be a solid joke from a comedian but from POTUS? Peeps embracing debate. Well I am officially of the opinion that there is no problem with this joke. Trump says Scalise is brave as hell, delivers the joke, says Scalise said it himself, says he loves him, says great job. The two of them are on the same side, they’re celebrating what they both view as a big victory, and they’re obviously boys. Sounds like Scalise’s made this same joke himself about losing weight after being shot. I see zero problem with it.

The outrage machine is revving its engines.

Here’s one of CNN’s White House reporters.

These tweets sort of annoy me because they’re delivered without context. They’re delivered like Trump made some vicious dig at Scalise out of the clouds. Like it was malicious.

He said, in full:

“Steve Scalise, he’s braver than all of us, where is he, oh boy I dunno, he had a rougher year than most of us, but that’s hell of a way to lose weight Steve, you said to us, it’s not a good way, we love you Steve, great job.”

Shoutout to this WashPo Congressional reporter who at least threw in the fact that Scalise has made the comment himself, and some additional context.

Again — funny’s funny, I laughed, and I think people need to just R-E-L-A-X and not freak out about every little thing.