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Big Dum Dum Elon Musk Tweeted Out His Cell Phone Number Yesterday

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Mashable- On Tuesday, Elon Musk tried to message the Chief Technology Officer of Oculus (the Facebook-owned virtual reality company) his phone number, but instead tweeted it to the world. Musk has since deleted the tweet, but not before some reporters at CNBC spotted the twitter mishap and then called the number. The reporters couldn’t get Musk on the line, but they got to hear what is either Musk’s ringtone or voicemail message: It’s a somewhat ridiculous recording from a hidden message (known as an Easter Egg in the gaming world ) in the classic PlayStation video game God of War, which you can listen to here. The message begins:

What an idiot. What a fucking idiot. Figure it out dude. You’re supposed to the one of the smartest people in the world. That’s what everyone keeps telling me. At least act like it. This isn’t the action of a smart person. This is the action of a big ol’ dum dum. Tweeting out your phone number is something Rick Reilly or Jose Canseco or my parents would do. Not the man people refer to as Iron Man. What an idiot. What a fucking idiot. It’s laughable that people defend this guy every time I shit on him. Get off his jock. All he’s ever done is tweet out his cell phone number and crash land rockets into the ocean. That actually is super impressive.

The folks over at Boeing have to be licking their chops over this. Blood in the water. They gotta be ecstatic that they are now in a drag race to Mars with a guy who can’t even operate Twitter properly. I know I’m excited. I have bought so much (imaginary) stock in Boeing since they threw down the gauntlet on Musk it’s insane. Elon is gonna be too busy fielding calls from his 16 million Twitter followers to build a working rocket to Mars. This thing is OVAH. Just give the medal to Boeing now. Elon Musk’s quest to Mars is toast.