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Martavis Bryant's Tough Week Continues When His Girlfriend Flips Out on Twitter Over His Alleged 'Cheating'


I guess it’s fair to say it’s been a tough, topsy-turvy week for Martavis Bryant. First he makes a diving, game-changing, 39-yard catch in the biggest game of the season. Next he makes a sick one-hander in the end zone to give his team a lead they should’ve held onto. Then they lose the game. Then they win the game. Then they lose it again because his team didn’t know what to do. And they get bumped out of the top seed in the AFC.

Then to help him get over the loss, he hangs out with Le’Veon Bell, having a glass of wine in the general vicinity of some chick, and his baby’s mom puts him on full blast for being a cheater. Ouch. That’s a tough way to spend a couple of days in what is supposed to be the jolliest time of the year.

Of course we don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong here. And I’m not about to choose sides. Other than to say there’s obviously been some tension caused by Deja Hiott dragging him to visit her family, and him being pissy about it. (I can relate.) I’m just going to say that going full Karen Hill:

… on Twitter might not be the best approach. Especially when your honey’s team just blew the 1-seed. The playoff stretch, like Christmas season, is a time for families to come together and work things out in private, not fight in public. Plus, if I’m one of Bryant’s teammates, I’d consider not taking any pictures of him within 100 feet of any women. At least until the season is over.