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Marlins Man Giving Derek Jeter The "Do You Know Who I Am?" Line Is The Absolute Best

Look I know some of you don’t like Marlins Man, which is fine, if you’re ok with admitting you don’t like the Troops, First Responders, Second Responders, Teachers, Nurses, Firefighters, and Policemen of America. But if you can honestly sit here and tell me you didn’t laugh at the fact that Marlins Man gave Derek Jeter, Derek Fucking Jeter, the old “do you know who I am?” line then you don’t like fun things. Marlins Man throwing his big old balls in Derek Jeter’s face is the absolute best. There’s one man who runs this city, Jeter, and you don’t even know it because he won’t even talk about it ever. Humble 4 Life.

He called Hank last night to explain.

If Marlins Man successfully strong arms Jeter into having Marlins Man Mondays I may move to Miami just so I can participate every Monday.