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Pandemonium Ensues After Whitest Teacher Ever Absolutely Destroys Student In A Dance Off

That is NOT the direction I was expecting things to go. White guys don’t dance like that. They dance like this.

It’s not racist, it’s a fact. The poor kid had no idea he was walking into a trap. Because make no mistake about it, Mr. Walsh from social studies was waiting for this moment his whole life. He was pop, lock, and dropping it in the mirror like a 2009 Baby Huey music video. Good thing too, because you wouldn’t find a tougher crowd at The Apollo. Whenever you hear, “Ayy! Ayy! Ayy!” you know you need to bring your A game. If not, you’ll get laughed off stage. I can’t think of a more terrifying scenario. God forbid he lost the aftermath would’ve been ruthless. Kids screaming at him in the halls, shoulder shaking every time he walked by. My middle school talent shows consisted of kids playing the recorder and doing yoyo tricks. Which is how it should be, low stakes. These two risked it all for a shot at glory. If I were the teacher I would quit while I’m ahead. Because you know that kid is coming for blood if there’s a round two.