Calling All Stoolies: Somebody Broke Into A Classroom And Stole Money From Special Needs Students And They Need Your Help

People really suck; it’s just hard to imagine that people would suck even more this time of year.

(GoFundMe) — Unfortunately, over the weekend someone broke into the Sachem Buddies: Learning For Life classroom and stole hard earned money. The stolen money had been raised by Saugus High School students through several fundraisers such as scarves they made, holiday ornaments and signs, fudge sales and money raised while working at the Learning Café. This money allows these amazing kids/young adults to practice travel training, community outings and various life skill opportunities.

However, once the word got out our amazing community has rallied to make donations and support this incredible program. With that said all funds raised will go directly back to this program and help these kids be all they can be!



With the holidays right around the corner, I understand it’s a really difficult time of the year to come up with something to give, but this is my hometown, my former high school, and my community, so I had to ask the Stoolies for some help here. It’s situations like this one when the Barstool community shows how awesome it truly is. Even if it’s a dollar, it would be greatly appreciated and I’m sure it would really help to turn an unfortunate incident into a really positive message for these kids that not everyone out there is like the person who broke into their classroom. A huge thank you to anyone who either donated or took the time to share this on social media. I really appreciate it.