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This Home Alone Rap Is Straight Up Blow Torch To Harry's Head Fire Flames

Did the kid Boy Pierce do it again or did he do it again? For those that don’t remember, this is the same guy that made the NBA on NBC rap that can only be described as Hit Three Shots In A Row While Playing NBA Jam Fire Flames.

I blogged about that video too but unfortunately it was one of the many blogs that succumbed to the content eating monster known as the Devnest.

Anyway back to the Home Alone song. I thought it was fantastic from front to back and even appreciate the lyrics at the bottom since I’m one of those washed idiots that has to watch subtitles with his shows now. I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth. I especially loved how the beat dropped for the home invasion scene, which is one of those Must Watch Movie Scenes up there with the final battle rap in 8 Mile, the baptism in The Godfather, and every millisecond of Die Hard.

My one gripe however was no shout out to the GOAT John Candy. You gotta shout out Gus Polinski and the Kenosha Kickers, for lugging the worst mom on the planet just because they are nice guys. Sure the rest of the McCallister clan made it home for Christmas Day, but everything doesn’t get wrapped up in a nice bow without Gus P and the fellas lending a hand.