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LaAdrian Waddle's Wife Wins Christmas with THE Card of 2017


It’s not easy being a Patriots wife. From the owner to the coach down to the 53rd man on the roster, the standards are incredibly high. It’s a list that over the years has included iconic fashion industry titans, Miss USAs, supermodels, Miss Utahs, and a Hooters Hall of Famer, just to name a few. Running with a Patriot is like trying to join a special forces unit, where the merely great get washed out in boot camp and only the truly elite get to wear the uniform.

And to that end, here is Mrs. LaAdrian Waddle proving she’s got what it takes to survive the cut. I mean, this is just so full of win, it’s love at first sight. The Barstool Comeback Ugly Sweaters. Using a Christmas card to rub the NFL’s nose in the Patriots’ greatness. Two – count ‘em, TWO – sexual innuendos in her Twitter handle. This is how to announce to the world you belong at Top Gun. That you can fly with the best of the best. So congratulations, Chief Mrs. Wadd. And thanks for carrying on the proud tradition of Patriots wives. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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