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I Cannot Possibly Think of a Worse Neighbor Than This Dude That Puts on a Penn State Football Christmas Light Show That Could Power The Sun

Ever see the movie Deck the Halls? Basically Danny Devito and Matthew Broderick have a neighborhood rivalry for who can put on the better Christmas light show. This guy’s house makes those two lunatics look sane. I say this without hesitation or exaggeration, if I was this man’s neighbor I would blow his house up, obviously without people inside. I think I’d go to jail for the rest of my life if it meant stopping this maniac from putting on this show. There’s arguably no worse person on Earth than a Penn State Football super fan. Nothing. They argue to the death that Saquon Barkely should have won the Heisman even though he rushed for 40 yards against Rutgers. They think they should be #1 in the country at all times. They think they’re totally within their right to put on the most insane Christmas show of all time.

The only explanation for this is the guy is trying to divorce his wife without bringing it up. He’s trying the old KFC Radio trick of making life for the girl so miserable that she leaves him instead of him having to break the bad news. If that’s the case then we can delete the first paragraph and go on with our day.

In the likelihood that isn’t the case, this person belongs in jail for doing this to his fellow neighbors. This guy probably has hundreds of people show up at his house to take a video or something and they flood the streets. God forbid you live across the street and wanna walk your dog. Maybe you wanna go drive to the store real quick. Yeah not gonna happen when everyone is parking right in front of your house. Takes you 30 tries to back out of your driveway all because this ass clown put on a light show with the power to light up a small village in Africa. This guy fucking sucks.