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Truck Decal Featuring Woman Tied Up Is Getting Mixed Reviews In Texas

TEXAS – A tailgate decal suggesting that a woman is bound and tied in the back of a truck is raising some eyebrows in Waco, Texas. At first glance, the decal is extremely convincing and acts as an optical illusion to make someone think there is an actual woman tied up in the bed of a truck.

This is Texas. Fits in perfectly right above the inevitable truck nuts. Anybody who owns this decal probably has had a broad or twelve tied up in their flatbed anyways, so what’s the issue? There’s also no chance that employee who was tied up for the photo gave her consent to be bound like a wild boar. None. Just how Brad Cobb rolls at his sign shop.

And hey Matt Howarton. You’re reporting on truck decals in Waco, not the upcoming war in Syria. Calm down with the rhetorical horseshit. Also there hasn’t been anyone else in the history of TV that’s deserved to be punched in the face more than your squirt ass at :30. Smug city.