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Good Luck Trying To Ever Successfully Break Up A Hockey Parent Fight

For as long as human beings have been playing hockey, the parents of the players have been fighting in the stands. It’s essentially the “chicken or the egg” argument. What came first, hockey or hockey parents fighting in the stands? The world may never know. But what we do know is that there has never once been a hockey parent fight that was successfully de-escalated with words before knucks were chucked. You can have every hockey mom in the rink yelling “stop it!” in unison as much as they want. As soon as a couple of hockey dads are going nose-to-nose, all bets are off and the end result is always going to be mayhem sprinkled with a few impending lawsuits.

Really gotta love the mom at the end of this GIF just getting right the hell out of there. She’s probably on kid #3 here. Has spent more time in hockey rinks than most people spend breathing. She’s been around long enough to know exactly how this scene ends and she wants no part of it. Doesn’t care about jumping in and throwing any shots of her own because she doesn’t even like any of these people and she probably has another son’s game to get to that’s 45 minutes away. Doesn’t care about trying to break it up because she knows it’ll be to no avail. Or maybe that’s her husband who is rumbling and she knows she just needs to get the car started and pull it up front since they’ll need to make a quick escape out of there before the cops show up. Either way. You may think that the dads fighting in this video are the MVP’s here but in reality, it’s this hockey mom who has clearly seen enough brawls at youth hockey games for one lifetime.

P.S. – No. Hockey parents do not need enforcers because they are their own enforcers.

P.P.S. – If there were to ever be a Hockey Parent March Madness type of bracket, these dads are merely 16-seeds compared to #1 seed Paul.