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Ovi Is So Good At Scoring Goals He Is Doing It By Accident Now

What a guy, this Ovi. Number 22 on the season, in game 33. By comparison, Ovi had 33 goals all of last season, his second lowest total of his career.

I blogged about his absurd career goal scoring pace a couple weeks ago, and it still blows my mind. This is easily the most staggering stat: Even if he only averages 30 goals a season for 8 more years, that puts him over 800 for his career. And that’s averaging only 30/year, when his career average before this season was 46.5.

He will go over 30 this season, his 13th season in a row. I mean this guy started his career going 52, 46, 65, 56, 50. That’s 4 out of his first 5 seasons with 50 or more goals to start his career. Then he had 3 straight seasons in the 30’s…before going 51, 53, 50. His production is insane.

And uhhh…don’t look now but….the Caps are 2nd in the East. After starting off so slowly this season, they’ve finally found themselves, and well, they’re doing that thing again. 8-2 over their last 10, and first in the Metro. Oh boy. Here…here we go again.