This Skeleton Rider Messing Up His Start And Having To Lay On His Sled In Sorrow For The Rest Of The Race Is Comedy Gold

This is one of my favorite fail videos in a long time. There’s just so many layers to it, it’s incredible. It starts with the blunder, it continues with the commentator going wild with a great “OHHH HE’S GONE! HE’S GONE. GONE. GONE.” call, and closes with the rider sadly laying on his little sled thing, going two miles an hour, knowing he’s done. The final part is the funniest to me. It’s like a Family Guy joke. You chuckle at first, it becomes annoying very quickly, and then it goes on for so long that it becomes hysterical. I didn’t think the track would ever end. Then, you get a little post-credits scene of reading the context in the tweet, and this guy is a Russian steroid user who got stripped of his gold medal and is now retiring after this embarrassing showing. When I watch it again with that in mind, I’m just picturing him telling himself while he’s on that sad ride, “I’m done. I’m retiring. This is so embarrassing, I’ll never do this again.”

Just another win for the U-S-of-A.