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I Hope I Enjoy This Movie I Guess I'm Going To

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 9.50.21 PM

You might be asking yourself, “Trent why are you positing a picture of yourself going to a movie? That’s weird” and I’m here to tell you I don’t know why. That picture was sent to me. It’s not me but at the same time that’s 100% me. Chubby. Iowa hoodie. Jeans. Glasses. Inconsistent facial hair. By myself. It’s all there. I’ve had a lot of doppelgängers sent to me over the years but never one that made me question whether or not I did something and simply don’t remember. Kmarko is convinced it’s me. So much so that he thinks I got black out drunk and decided to start going to movies by myself. At this moment in time, I don’t have conclusive evidence to prove him wrong. It’s making me question everything. Do I have a twin? Do I even exist? Do any of us exist? Crazy. I hope I enjoy the movie.