'The Last Jedi' Opens Tonight, So Let's Revisit Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Going Scorched Earth On Every Star Wars Nerd In The Galaxy

I posted this when The Force Awakens debuted, and then when Rogue One hit the theaters, and I suppose I’ll repost it now 8x a year when they release a new Star Wars movie. Each more watered down than the next (although The Last Jedi is getting rave reviews already, which I’m not even sure counts as you could screen Chewbacca getting goosed by R2-D2 for 3 hours and people would Bubba their own Fetts). I don’t care if I put it out there every day, I will still laugh every damn time. Simply one of those classics that will never get old. Even though you could never get away with probably 75% of Robert Smigel’s quips in today’s world. Like Al Bundy (fat chicks) and Archie Bunker (um…just look it up) in their primes, it doesn’t exactly translate into 2017 terms. However, in honor of the billions who will be begging for George Lucas’ tablescraps, I present to you Triumph. This video will never die in my heart.

Truth be told, I genuinely am a Star Wars guy, as evident of when we played Battlefield with Rob Oneill (the guy who killed Bin-Ladin, nbd) a few weeks back. Where else can you have grown men (and Robbie Fox) give you an in-depth, marathon review of the hottest, most controversial gaming release while an African midget talks about slinging bootleg porn DVD’s in his Zimbabwean streets before the man who killed one of the most evil people who ever lived drops in to comment on the real life battle skills in a fictional galactic video game while Darth Vadar in a dad bod posterizes in the background? Nowhere. That’s the Barstool Difference, baby. We give you anything and everything when you expect it the least.

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PS – Solid runner up videos in the Star Wars fake world is Harrison Ford’s feud with Chewbacca on Jimmy Kimmell. Han delivering the goods, per usual. That Wookie sack of shit.