No One Has Ever Been More Friend-Zoned Than This Dude at the Orlando Magic Game Last Night During the Kiss-Cam

Hello Darkness My Old Friend Version

That’s a fatality. That guy has to delete this girl’s number, find new friends, change his name, and move out of Florida. You just have to start over at that point. To go in for a harmless kiss and get dapped up is the biggest 180 I’ve ever seen. Here’s the moment this guy’s life ended. Brain just completely broken in half.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 10.43.05 AM

There’s nothing worse than going to a basketball game and winding up on the kiss-cam. Nothing. Just leave me alone. When all my buddies and I would go to Cuse basketball games at the Carrier Dome and my girlfriend and her friends would tag along I’d make sure she sat with her friends to avoid any possibility of that shit. I feel for this guy. That girl’s maniacal laugh while all of this unfolded was horrifying. He’s ready for a five second frencher and she thinks the whole situation is adorable. Worst possible situation. I hope he left the arena the moment this happened and made her find her own ride home. I think a hug would’ve been a better outcome than getting dapped up and a kiss on the cheek. RIP in Peace my friend.