NFL Network Job Applicant Says They Asked Her if She Plans on 'Getting Knocked Up'

Way to go, NFL. That’s a nice little operation you’ve got going on over there at Dear Leader Goodell’s state-run media. When they’re not (allegedly) sending dick pics around, (reportedly) asking lady co-workers if they squirt and (according to court filings) handing out dildos as part of some kind of a perverted company Secret Santa, they’re asking job applicants like Lindsay McCormick if they plan on getting knocked up any time soon. Real classy way to represent the illustrious Shield.

It’s not my default setting to hate on the NFL Net. They do some of the best programming out there. NFL Films is a sacred national institution and a studio whose work is right up there with Pixar and Marvel as far as I’m concerned. But what is it about a multi, multi-million dollar operation that they can’t keep their dicks or their stupid questions to themselves? I mean, the guy who manages the coffee shop up the street from me knows enough not to ask a prospective waitress what her reproductive plans are in a job interview. But here you’ve got a guy with one of the sweetest gigs in sportscasting – being paid by the trillion dollar league he’s covering – basically wanting to know if his applicants plan on getting creampied while they’re ovulating anytime soon because it will mess up his work schedule a year down the road.

I guess we should expect nothing less from a league where Jeff Ireland asked Dez Bryant at the Combine if his mother is a whore. So you stay classy, Goodell News Network. And by all means keep selling that pink merchandise at a huge markup and running those #NoMore ads because you’re all about respecting the ladyfolk.