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Will Somebody Please, For The Love Of God, Let Jonathan Marchessault Out Of The Penalty Box

In the 3rd period of last night’s Vegas vs Carolina game, David Perron and Trevor van Riemsdyk took matching roughing penalties. Perron was hit with an additional 2-minute minor for roughing so his good pal Jonathan Marchessault bit the bullet and served the penalty for him. Pretty much the hockey equivalent to helping your buddy move. Nobody actually wants to do it so it takes a real friend to go through with it anyway.

So now Marchessault just donated 2 minutes of ice time to sit in the box because David Perron couldn’t control himself. All he wants is to get back on the ice and help put the puck in the back of the net. He has 26 points in 27 games so far this year so he’s pretty good at it. And just when he thinks he’s finally getting out of jail for a crime he didn’t commit, those donkey brained bozos working the door decide to keep him locked up.

What kind of Mickey Mouse operation are you running here, boys? And to make matters worse, this was a home game for Vegas. It would be one thing if they were on the road and the opposing team’s door operator was trying to fuck them over. But this is somebody on Vegas’ payroll. Makes you wonder if this was truly an accident or if it was an inside job. We have to follow the money trail here because it just seems too suspicious to me. Not only was the door operator trying to keep Marchessault from getting out of the box, but the clock operator also jumped in there as well. Almost as if they had strict orders from the guys upstairs to keep that Carolina powerplay going as long as possible.


Or maybe it’s just because Vegas is new to hockey and they didn’t realize the extra 2-minute minor was good to be released. Either way.