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I Can't Get Enough Of Emotional Jon Gruden

I don’t know why but emotional Jon Gruden had me cracking up last night. The Football cyborg that lives in a world of cliches, grunts, and hooters wings, having his mainframe short circuit live on television. You can see the panic in his eyes too, what the fuck is this salty shit coming out of my eyeballs? Why does my heart hurt? Did I drink one too many Coronas, man? Then, in a hail mary to clean it all up he goes to the one place he feels comfortable, the bro fist pound. Clean that shit right up. Sorry for that 3 seconds of weakness in a life of nails. My bad guys, let’s pound it out. I’ll be so pissed if Gruden actually goes and takes a job one of these days.


What I would give to be a fly on the wall for this off air conversation. Like dolphins speaking through sonar. Gruden and Guy grunt and fart and grab their balls and that is more than enough dialogue for the two of them.

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