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Jeopardy Contestant Ben Put An Absolute Beatdown On His Buzzer Last Night

Jesus Christ, Benji. That’s how you fuck around and injure yourself during a round of Jeopardy. Truth be told I missed last night’s episode because I was taking apart an old desk like an old asshole. Doing adult shit and missing Jeopardy is a reeeeeal kick in the dick after a hard day’s work. But I imagine that Ben had to have some sort of an excuse for buzzing in like a madman. Because the Trebek I know and love wouldn’t put up with that shit past the first commercial break. Either cool it with the clicker or get Mutombo’d right off stage.

Jeopardy is known as the gameshow of kings because of the skills it takes to win but also because of the class associated with it. You can find a group of Wheel of Fortune contestants at a Golden Corral. Contestant Row of The Price Is Right can be filled with any tourists that lollygagged their way to Hollywood Blvd. But Jeopardy is the best of the best when it comes to questions, contestants, theme song, or host. The fact Trebek didn’t clean that shit up ASAP tells me something else had to be going on.

And even if Ben had no reason to beat that buzzer like it owed him money, I appreciate him setting himself up for the old “My buzzer wasn’t working correctly” excuse. It’s the oldest excuse in the book for a reason and if nothing else, could intimidate a meeker group of opponents.