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Uber Charged A Man $14,412 To Take A Trip Across Town In Toronto



Dec. 11 (UPI) – Uber charged a Toronto man more than $18,000 for a 5-mile ride that should have cost about $10 Friday after an error during surge pricing. Instagram user votethehish posted the receipt for his ride for the amount of $18,518 in Canadian currency, which comes out to$14,412 in U.S. dollars.

I love it. Fuck em. Charge em as much as you can. Wanna ride with me? Pal, you better check the fine print. I’ll charge your ass more than an arm and a leg. Good luck getting a refund too, @VoteTheHish. After I charge you 14k, I’m retiring from Uber until next month when I need some cash again. That’s the beauty of driving for Uber. You can drive when you want. Quit when you want. Work as many or as few hours as you want. Additionally, you can charge some poor sucker 14 grand for a cross-town trip. Not a bad gig if you can get it.

I wonder what the driver did when he was done for the day. I bet he pulled up to a fancy boutique and got out of his Kia Sorrento with the Uber U sticker right in the window. When he walked in the boutique, he asked the woman at the front if he could try on a new leather jacket. It was made from Australian calfskin. Fancy. People don’t realize that Australian calfskin is a little bit softer than American leather. Sure, the quality of the construction isn’t as good but the materials themselves are better. Our shopper realized that. Anyway, he asked the woman at the front if he could try it on. She said no. The saleswoman had seen him pull up in the Uber car so she was being discriminatory by assuming that he didn’t have the money. Our friend looked at her and was reminded of this classic scene. I was too. Not letting him try on the jacket was a big mistake,,,huge.