Company In Trouble For Advertising Plus-Size Tights With Skinny Models Stretching Them Over Their Entire Bodies

Independent- If a shop is selling plus-size items of clothing, most employ plus-size models for the job.

Not one company though, which has come under fire for advertising plus-size tights by stretching them over slim models’ whole bodies. is modelling plus-size tights not on plus-size women, but regular-sized models.

In one of the photos, a model pulls the waistband of the tights up high to her nose and stretches it out around her arms.

A further photo shows a model with her whole body in one leg of the tights.

But the photos have been met largely with shock and outrage, as many people argue that they suggest the slim women are mocking how big the tights are.

Great job, good effort to the marketing team at This has to be one the laziest marketing schemes of all time. These pictures were originally used by a different company to advertise for tights that won’t rip, which makes sense because these models are stretching them to the moon. took the photos and repurposed them to show that plus-size people can fight into the tights because look, the skinny people have room to spare. It would be like a bunch of white dudes advertising for magnum condoms by wearing them as ponchos.

Gotta love this response from “Pale Chub”:

Actually laughed out loud. Well said, Pale Chub, well said.

Of course, we’re all forgetting how much fun it is to stretch tights or sweatpants up to your neck. I used to love creating a sleeping bag out of my pants, back when it was culturally acceptable to wear comfortable pants. Sadly, those days are long gone. Men’s trousers are tighter than ever today. If YP tried to hike these puppies to his neck, he’d loose all circulation to his legs and die.

As for’s plus-size tights, I’ll buy a pair. I had a major mosquito problem in my apartment this past summer. Not sure if there was a crack in my window or what, but with a pair of these tights enveloping my entire skinny body, I’ll be snug as a bug in a rug. Minus the bugs.