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Josh Gordon Caught His First Touchdown Since 2013; Rob Ryan Immediately Becomes Mad Online

Everyone in the world: Oh shit what a catch. Man Josh Gordon’s so good he even makes Kizer look semi-competent. So great to have this guy back on Sundays. Incredible that he doesn’t even look like he’s lost a step after missing so much time.

Rob Ryan: My diaper is full and it’s making me fussy.

You know when Josh Gordon was someone “people don’t want to deal with?” When he was working at a car dealership, chain-smoking blunts trying to figure out why Roger Goodell wouldn’t let him back into the League. You know when absolutely everyone wants to deal with him? When he’s wearing sunglasses on the sidelines in full pads after just hanging six points on the Packers defense. It’s that simple. Gordon’s had the longest road back, albeit completely self-inflicted, but he’s back now. If he wants to stunt and wear sunglasses on the sidelines after catching his first touchdown since 2013, it feels like only Packers fans should be upset about it.