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Trump Declares This Year's Hanukkah "Especially Special"

So it’s a Friday morning and I’m a wee bit hungover because I went out to watch my lifelong favorite team the Saints play last night. Heartbreaking loss, thank you for your thoughts. I popped into the office, whipped open my computer, saw Trump say this year’s Hanukkah is “especially special,” and created this here blog. This is me blogging it. I am actually legitimately just sitting here at my desk typing these words just to type them. Just to fill up space. Just to attach some form of “work” to this stupid blog about this stupid video that will be published shortly.

Do you know what this is? This is a new paragraph. Multiple paragraphs are key to making it look like you formulated a well thought out, well crafted blog, so I decided to type this new paragraph.

And this one.

And this one.

One thing I do want to note — love the way Donnie says Hanukkah. First part is normal but at the end he delivers some weird ass finish. “Hanu-KUH!” It’s like he turns into a ninja just for the last syllable.


Anyway, happy Friday. A lot more where this came from.