LaVar Ball Literally Just Dunked All Over Donald Trump's Face On Twitter

Look at LaVar Ball putting on an absolute clinic at deflecting. Everyone wants to talk about the murky basketball futures of his two youngest sons and instead he flips the script and puts his nuts all over the President’s forehead on Twitter in one of those looping gifs that you have to watch at least 100 times just because it is so mesmerizing. Instead of talking about Gelo and Melo over the next 24 hours, we will instead be talking about how that gif became the most viewed gif in the history of the world and now #thetrumpdunk and #stayinyolane are trending. The only other person on the planet that can change a conversation that quickly is Donald J. Trump. AND LaVar tagged Trump to make sure that gif and all the replies were in his mentions. That was the moment LaVar Ball became President.

What a battle we have on our hands to end 2017 and begin 2018. BBB vs. MAGA, this time for all the marbles. Okay that doesn’t really make sense, but this should be a lot of fun and distract us from all the people making billions of dollars off Bitcoin and the very real chance that the world will be engaged in a nuclear war at some point in the next calendar year. Now we sit back and wait for Trump’s response, which you knowwww is coming. He has to bring the heat too. LaVar’s gif is an all-timer and the Trump Dunk is up there with the MJ Free Throw Dunk and the Vince Carter Over Frederic Weis Dunk. My question is how do you respond to a gif of someone dunking on you? I’m pretty sure in the old days, you had to challenge someone to a duel like Burr v. Hamilton or cede your political position. God bless this weird ass world we are living in.

P.S. That gif was the most athletic thing I have seen LaVar do since the self alley-oop attempt in that old rec league video.