Hockey Ref Vs Player Probably Needs To Be Added To Rough N Rowdy

Holy shit I did not see that twist coming. The ref was being chased by not one but two players, and then he immediately turned the tables on them. Ref was throwing haymakers, going way back and landing blows not seen since Tex took a whooping from Buffalo Bill back in the day. I mean ref was letting out all his pent up anger and aggression from the last 10 years of reffing these games. Probably gets paid 8 dollars an hour and spit on the entire time by the players. And then he finally had his comeuppance, and it was great.

Probably should add these guys to Rough N Rowdy, make it a little undercard fight before Tex and Hank duke it out. And don’t forget, the price of that will go up closer to the fight, so buy now and don’t get left behind. That would be awful, awful, awful.