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Elon Musk Has Responded To Boeing Saying They're Gonna Beat Him To Mars: "Do it"

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 4.10.57 PM

Ohhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. It’s on. Boeing vs Elon. Let’s race mother fuckers. Space Race 2.0. Elon will probably say some stupid shit like, “Competition is a good thing. I’m glad this is happening” but you know he’s lying. He wants this BAD and now he’s shaking in his boots. I’m betting HEAVY on Boeing simply because Elon is such a fraud. Boeing is gonna lap SpaceX and I’m gonna laugh until I throw up. Boeing is gonna be chillin with Martians while Elon’s rockets continue to crash into the ocean. This is gonna be fun. Pick a side or forever hold your peace.

Ready, set, GO!