Senator Al Franken Resigns While Firing Shots At Trump, Roy Moore, And The Republican Party

…but also…

We’re living through a weird ass time and Senator Franken took the opportunity today — from the Senate floor, with the spotlight on him — to point that out. Clearly it’s under disgraceful circumstances but he took that opportunity nonetheless. He fired a few meaningful shots at the fact that he and Senator Conyers are resigning amid sexual misconduct allegations while Trump sits in the Oval and Roy Moore receives hundreds of thousands of dollars in support from the RNC. On one hand, we’re sitting here thinking, “well that’s gotta be frustrating.” On the other hand, we’re sitting here thinking, “fuck you, don’t sexually harass women and you’d be fine.”

The Weinstein fallout has now led to multiple senators, huge media stars, Hollywood stars, Hollywood power figures, business tycoons, and many, MANY more to disgrace and to removal from jobs/power due to sexual misconduct allegations. The #MeToo movement has earned TIME Person Of The Year honors.

It obviously won’t stop here. Can’t help but wonder, who’s next?