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The New Avengers Trailer Is Everything And Then Some

Click baited, bitches! Screw the Avengers. They’ve had their time to shine. The Sixers are now the most realistic heroes on this planet that are in charge of ridding tyranny, evil, and LaVar Ball from the Earth. Save the world or Fultz’s shot. Hopefully the latter before the former. But it’s not the worst move for any of this team to be featured in any sort of entertainment. Remember those Saturday morning cartoons with Michael Jordan, Gretzky, and Bo Jackson? Me neither. But reintroduce ProStars, or anything really, with Embiid and this Sixers crew and you’ve got gold, Jerry. GOLD!

Lakers tonight. The last time these two teams met earlier in the season the Sixers edged LA out West in a game that featured superb play from a couple of NBA newbies destined to shine bright:

Embiid may improve on his 46 and go for 86. Now do me a favor and CUE IT THE FUCK UP!