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US Airways Is Probably Going To Regret This Tweet




What the fuck is going on with Airlines right now? Aldon Smith getting arrested for threatening a Southwest Ticket Agent. Some 14 year old chick tweeting at American Airlines saying she’s a terrorist and starting an entire FBI investigation and now this. Probably the grossest/weirdest airplane picture ever, straight from the US Airways twitter account. Weird times to be an airline. Weird times indeed.




I honestly don’t know how the people that run these official twitter accounts do it. I would be perpetually afraid of tweeting out something like this. Who doesn’t make mistakes at their job? Happens all the time,  except the difference between your job and this job is that when you make a mistake in this job you tweet a picture to hundreds of thousands of people. Absolutely terrifying. That’s why I picked being a blogger because at the end of the day if I tweet out an airplane coming out of a pussy my boss will probably just laugh, retweet it and call it a savage cuckhold by US Airways




h/t Sam