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This Hearse Driver Had One Job And It Was To Not Let The Body Fall Out Of His Car

One job! One job! You had one job pal! Make sure the trunk is closed. That’s the entire job description of a hearse driver. Can you close a trunk? Yes? You’re hired. Give it solid shove. Hear it click then be on your way. Double check then triple check then quadruple check. Every hearse driver wakes up every morning thinking, “I really hope I don’t let a body go rolling down the street today.” Unfortunately for that guy, the worst happened to him. He doesn’t seem too worried about it, though. He’s chatting away on his cell phone like the worst possible thing didn’t just happen. What could he be saying to the person on the other end of that call? Unless this happens to him all the time. “Yeah I can pick the kids up from soccer practice. No problem. Ah fuck. It happened again. Yeah, I let another body get out. It’s rolling down 1st Ave right now. Hopefully nobody saw.” They saw. We all saw. Dash cams tell no lies.